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    Renegade Resistance Power Bands

    Great for for strength, flexibility and rehabilitation. Ideal for assisted chin-ups pull ups, powerlifting, stretching, spine de-loading, group training, out door training or exercising while traveling.
    With a choice of 5 different levels of resistance these bands will give you the greatest variety of exercises, used by beginners for muscle engagement and athletes to strengthen literally every muscle in the body.
    From warm-ups and stretching with the lighter resistance, to bench press and deadlift training using the extra strong resistance bands.



    Features :

    • Width varies which determines resistance the wider the band the more resistance offered
    • Are made from 100% latex rubber
    • Very durable
    • Can be used with Olympic / Hex and EZ Bars
    • Anchor attachments on Power Racks
    • Can be used on their own or with free weights