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    Renegade Heavy Duty 3 in 1 Soft Plyo Box

    The Renegade Heavy Duty Foam Plyometric Box is perfect to start doing box jumps, box push-ups, dips, step ups, and other creative exercises. Are your workouts too easy on the 20″ side? Simply rotate the box to add 4″-10″, forcing you to jump higher and burn more calories! These boxes are constructed from high density foam and built to last. With up to a 350 lb weight limit, you can be confident that when you land your jump, this box will support you. This heavy foam will allow you land safely on the box with no fear of wobbling or tipping. An added bonus is that the edges and sides won’t hurt your shins!



    Features :

    • Heavy-duty firm foam construction allows for added stability.
    • Soft material helps prevent injury.
    • Slip free surface.
    • No assembly required.
    • Save money and space with 3 box sizes in 1.
    • Solid foam platform supports heavy weight athletes.
    • Rotate the box for more challenging heights.